The Soul Shakers' "Love Is Love" CD Release

I have been recording, mixing, and mastering one of my bands' new CD "Love is Love" for a year, and now it's ready to drop.

Impulse Response At Garden City Grooves Festival

One of my bands, "Impulse Response" is playing Garden City Grooves Festival on Oct 3rd ("Soul Night"). 

Alexander Brendan Ferguson

Many exciting music and teaching projects on the go!

She Kills Me On APTN Premiering Tonight!

I am the composer for "She Kills Me", an all-female comedy series premiering tonight on APTN!

Sin City Season Three

This year, I am musical directing and playing live improvised keyboards for... SIN CITY!

Kaleidoscope Theatre's PAN

I've composed music, musical directed, and designed sound for Kaleidoscope Theatre's production of PAN!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I am the musical director, composer, & sound designer for...Kaleidoscope Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream.