CBC, TC, And Monday Dig Animal Farm

CBC, TC, And Monday Dig Animal Farm

Good reviews of Animal Farm from the Times Colonist, CBC, and Monday Magazine...

Animal Farm

TC: www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/viewer.aspx

CBC: www.vicreviews.blogspot.com

Monday Magazine: www.mondaymag.com (under "arts" section)

"There is music and clever sound and cool lighting effects, all of which draw the audience in quite effectively."
- Monica Prendergast, Ph.D - CBC Radio - Victoria, BC

"Adapted for the stage by Vancouver humourist and award-winning playwright Ian Ferguson, the new Animal Farm is clever, fast paced, and retains the same strong message as the original version. Ferguson, who also directed the play, has done a solid job of tempering that message into an accessible package, through the use of witty banter, asides and quick physical comedy."
- Steve Carey - Times Colonist - Victoria, BC

"Watching Animal Farm is a rare opportunity to see three inspiring performances in a unique adaptation of Orwell’s classic. Come for the puppets. Stay for the revolution."
- Sarah Gignac, Monday Magazine - Victoria, BC