Victoria Times Colonist and CBC Like "Disney's Aladdin Jr."

Victoria Times Colonist and CBC Like "Disney's Aladdin Jr."

"Aladdin refreshing fun for young, old"

"Kaleidoscope Theatre offers a solid, entertaining production with appeal for both children and adults. The direction and choreography are strong, and the wacked-out Genie is a delight in the hands of Shane Bland (...)"

"Leah James and Timothy Johnston are charming as Jasmine and Aladdin. Johnston has a quickness, both in speech and movement, that seems appropriate to the character. He also shows real promise as a comic performer."

"Cathleen Evans, who's petite and spritely, is well cast as Abu the Monkey. Evans captures this odd comic character with her chimp-like movements, massive plastic ears and funny high-pitched voice."

"Those tiring of the usual Christmas fare will find this refreshing and fun."

- Adrian Chamberlain

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