The Chemainus Revue

The Chemainus Revue

I have musically directed, and am acting, singing, and playing keys in…

The Chemainus Revue

The Chemainus Theatre Festival and the Chemainus Chamber of Commerce has worked together this year to bring the history of Chemainus to life to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Chemainus Festival of Murals.

Friday, July 13- Sept 3rd, 2007.
Chemainus B.C.

10am (Show A - by the 3 aboriginal faces mural at back of the theatre).
12pm (Show B - across the street from the waterwheel).
2pm (Show A).
4pm (Show B).
20 min shows.

They’re very fun and informative. Hope to see you there…


P.S. Check out The Chemainus Theatre Festival’s season at: