The Fifth Annual Walking Fish Festival

The Fifth Annual Walking Fish Festival

I am the sound designer/composer for Swamp Lake: a stormy puppet ballet. Come out to the festival...

Upintheair Theatre Society Presents
The Fifth Annual Walking Fish Festival

Put away the tartar sauce...the fish are walking!

Upintheair Theatre Society presents ten one-act plays ranging from absurd comedy, drama, physical theatre and a Puppet Show, at the fifth annual Walking Fish Festival at Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island. This year's festival runs June 6-10, 2007. The productions include creative work from graduates from all the Lower Mainland's major training programs, and some of Vancouver's most exciting young professionals. The festival is an opportunity for audiences to witness 'theatre evolution' in action. For further details go to

Audiences have the opportunity to see up to 10 shows featuring the work of 54 artists for the price of a single ticket. 
The Artists in this year's festival are:
Penguins: Matthew Kowalchuk, Xanthe Faulkner, Robin Greenwood, Daniel Errey; Room: Dustin Crowther, Josette Jorge, Anna Busch, Ryan Swanson, Marc Arboleda, Joann Liu, Mirae Rosner, Victoria Lyons, Aileen Yoon, Ben Stone; Oedipus Butchers the Classics: David Geary, Quinn Harris, Sebastien Archibald, Rachel Aberle, Bryan Nothling; File This!: Dani Bryant, Tara Goerzen, Heather Johnston , Inka Hadzismajlovic; Greener: Erin Macklem, Jeff Gladstone, Christopher Frary, Samantha Madely, Georgina Beaty; Swamp Lake: a stormy puppet ballet: Amy Clausen, Tara Goerzen, Jaimie Robson, Julie Lockley, Maggie Winston, Alexander Brendan Ferguson; Whatever Happened to Tom Dudkowski?: Alan Girling, Troy Anthony Young, Lauranne Brown, Steve Baumber, Josh Hallem, Jenifer Mallet, Diana Squires;The Zeigarnik Effect: Paulo Ribeiro, Cameron MacKenzie, Tristan Newby, Wendy Podgursky; Do Clones?: Jason Rothery, Sabrina Evertt, Dave Dimapilis, Andrea Yu; Simple Machines: Peter Wilson, Heather Cant, Paula Montgomery, Des Hussey, Michael Cope, Melanie Desbiens.

Tickets - $15 or $12 available at the door - or by calling TicketsTonight 604-231-7535 (service charges apply to advance tickets).

Set A: Penguins, Room, Oedipus Butchers the Classics
Set B: File This!, Greener, Swamp Lake: a stormy puppet ballet
Set C: Whatever Happened to Tom Dudkowski?, The Zeigarnik Effect, Do Clones?, Simple Machines

The Walking Fish Festival Dates & Times
Wednesday June 6, Set A, B at 8pm
Thursday June 7, Set C, A at 8pm
Friday June 8, Set B, C at 8pm
Saturday June 9, Set A, B, C at 7pm
Sunday June 10, Set C, B, A at 2pm

We look forward to you joining us in the pond for this our fifth Walking Fish Festival.

Thank you from:
The Walking Fish Production Team
Dan Martin - Producer, Artistic Director
David Mott - Producer, Artistic Director
Jennifer Smith - Producer, Production Manager
Maria Denholme - Stage Manager
Darren Boquist - Lighting Designer
Robin Richardson - Technical Director
Ryan Gladstone - Festival Dramaturge
Nadine Charleson - Publicist, Production Associate
Ben Brauer - Production Associate