Monday likes Charlotte

Monday likes Charlotte

From Monday Magazine's Review: "Some Show!"

"Director Leslie D. Bland creates colourful and dynamic scenes—from the county fair to the WPIG live broadcast from Zuckerman’s barn, the show is packed with music and interesting side roles (like the radio jingle-singing Jolene Sisters)."

"The sound design and music by Alexander Brendan Ferguson—ranging from jazzy flourishes to phoebebirds and skipping frogs on the farm—breathes energy into scenes of longer dialogue that might otherwise have little ones’ attention waning."

"For those who enjoy theatre over the holidays—but want something different from the usual Nutcracker or nativity story—Charlotte’s Web is a good choice for the kids in your house . . . and the one still inside you."

- Christine Matte

So, go see the show!

Alexander (see below for info)