Werewolves Good Reviews!!!

Werewolves Good Reviews!!!

Reviews for Werewolves...

"The mourners at Maurya’s wake include three widows (Melanie Yeats, Shana Orlowsky, Tara Goerzen) who sing beautiful, bizarre folk songs..."
"...a fascinating show..."
"Move over Rocky Horror.  I want to see Werewolves, the Musical."
- Jerry Wasserman

"Indeed, I found the production professionally designed."
- Ed Farolan

"Amid a packed theatre week, the Arts Club’s sex farce is the must-see and Werewoves will leave you howling for more."
- Georgia Straight

"...director Tammy Isaacson has assembled an impressive cast and design team."
"The show is also beautifully designed."
"...Three widows sing eerie mourning songs."
"Werewolves is a story of evil so well executed that it’s life-affirming."
- Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight


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