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Dave, Trio, Me: Victoria

I'll be playing keyboards again with the David Ward "Loose Change" Trio again this coming Friday in Victoria, so come check it out if you can...


Friday, March 2nd
Fundraiser for Itsazoo Productions, a theatre company.
@ Steamers Pub (570 Yates St. Victoria, B.C.)
One of the opening acts is The Greatest Explorers in the World
We'll be on last - 12pmish
Tickets : $8

See you there.


David Ward Loose Change Trio at the Railway Club

I’ll be a guest playing keyboards again with the David Ward Loose Change Trio…

The David Ward
Loose Change Trio
WEDNESDAY February, 21, 2007
The Railway Club (579 Dunsmir)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Cost : $8


Opening is rock band Ant Hill, then poet RC Welsowski, The Family Stump (an inbred comedy hour of dirty country music featuring Dave's guitar teacher), then US - David Ward Loose Change Trio. We'll be on last, but the whole thing will start around 9:30-10pm.

See you there...


Offenbach's ORPHEUS: Gone to Hell!

I am playing Public Opinion #1 in...

The North Shore Light Opera Society presents
Offenbach's ORPHEUS:
Gone to Hell!

A Whimsical Twist on the Classical Tryst

New Book and Lyrics by Peter Jorgensen
Based on Orphee Aux Enfers by Jaques Offenbach
Directed by Peter Jorgensen

Is nothing sacred?

Offenbach tore the Opera world apart in his 1850s take on the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. Now the North Shore Light Opera Society presents the world premiere of a brand-new adaptation of the original operetta. Orpheus and Eurydice can't stand one another, and they are all too happy to be separated by death. Will they rewrite this classic tale of heartbreak, or will Public Opinion force them to tell the story as it was always meant to be told. Don't miss this hilarious new take on a classic piece of musical theatre.

March 16th-April 1st
At Presentation House Theatre and the Kay Meek Centre

More info at

Happy New Year!

Enjoy 2007...


Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas to all!


Monday likes Charlotte

From Monday Magazine's Review: "Some Show!"

"Director Leslie D. Bland creates colourful and dynamic scenes—from the county fair to the WPIG live broadcast from Zuckerman’s barn, the show is packed with music and interesting side roles (like the radio jingle-singing Jolene Sisters)."

"The sound design and music by Alexander Brendan Ferguson—ranging from jazzy flourishes to phoebebirds and skipping frogs on the farm—breathes energy into scenes of longer dialogue that might otherwise have little ones’ attention waning."

"For those who enjoy theatre over the holidays—but want something different from the usual Nutcracker or nativity story—Charlotte’s Web is a good choice for the kids in your house . . . and the one still inside you."

- Christine Matte

So, go see the show!

Alexander (see below for info)

Charlotte's Web

Well, Werewolves had a wonderfull run. Striaght to the next one. I am the sound designer, composer, musical director, and am playing Lurvy, the hired hand, in...


The classic story of loyalty, trust, and sacrifice comes to life on stage at the McPherson featuring a large cast of 35 of Victoria's best professional actors.

Wilbur the pig is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. he hatches a plan with Charlotte, a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never happen.

The Children's literature Association named this "the best American children's book of the past two hundred years.

December 8 - 17, 2006 McPherson Playhouse (Victoria, B.C.)

Public Performances (McPherson Box Office): 250-386-6121
School Bookings (Kaleidoscope Theatre): 250-383-8124

A Kaleidoscope Theatre Production...

Werewolves Good Reviews!!!

Reviews for Werewolves...

"The mourners at Maurya’s wake include three widows (Melanie Yeats, Shana Orlowsky, Tara Goerzen) who sing beautiful, bizarre folk songs..."
"...a fascinating show..."
"Move over Rocky Horror.  I want to see Werewolves, the Musical."
- Jerry Wasserman

"Indeed, I found the production professionally designed."
- Ed Farolan

"Amid a packed theatre week, the Arts Club’s sex farce is the must-see and Werewoves will leave you howling for more."
- Georgia Straight

"...director Tammy Isaacson has assembled an impressive cast and design team."
"The show is also beautifully designed."
"...Three widows sing eerie mourning songs."
"Werewolves is a story of evil so well executed that it’s life-affirming."
- Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight

Go see the show before the wolves get you... Moohahahahahaha...!



I am the sound designer, composer, and musical director for Pi Theatre's...

Pi Theatre ( Presents:

by Teresa Lubkiewicz-Urbanowicz
Translated by Helena Kaut-Howson
Directed by Tammy Isaacson November 2 – 18, 2006
Preview - November 2 & 3, 8pm
Opening - November 4, 8pm
Performance Works, Granville Island

Tickets $20 / $16
A See Seven Show

"In many eastern European communities that word still conjures myths as old as the bones in the hills. For us, one might ask -- Who are the werewolves of today?

Inspired by a wake in a Belorussian village, Werewolves has a possessed and frightening intensity that evokes an Old World spell in its capacity to dissolve the boundaries between the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds. Realism gives way to the fantastic. A wake transforms into a wedding. Mantraps are made – and used. And these events draw not only the attendance of neighbours, but also of three frightening strangers.

Werewolves is Pi Theatre’s second annual Prime @ Pi production
, created to aid individual emerging theatre artists. Prime @ Pi is open to artists who are not yet members of The Canadian Actors Equity Association or The Associated Designers of Canada, but who are pursuing professional status.
The Production Team is: Sara Kerastas - Assistant Director, Laura Dodwell-Groves - Stage Manager, Chelsea Sherbut - Assistant Stage Manager, Dani Bryant - Assistant Production Manager, Jeff Harrison - Lighting Design, Jergus Michal Oprsal - Set Design, Izzy Rubin - Props Design & Assistant Set Design, Alexander Brendan Ferguson - Sound Design, and Sabrina Evertt - Costume Design.
Actors are Tara Goertzen, Ian Harmon, Richard Heaven, Adam Lolacher, Cat Main, David Newham, Jane Noble, Ashley O'Connell, Shana Orlowsky, Liana Shannon, Brian Sutton, Andrew Tkach, James Wilson, and Melanie Yeats.
This year’s Mentors are David Roberts - Set Design, Del Surjik - Lighting Design, Barbara Clayden - Costume Design, Patrick Pennefather - Sound Design, Jayson McLean - Production, and David Kerr - Stage Manager.

Plan your Hallowe’en around attending Werewolves and join our emerging designers, production team and cast of fourteen actors for this rare and powerful gem from the Polish canon of work."

Happy Halloween!


See Seven

A great deal to "see seven" independant theatre shows in Vancouver, including Werewolves, for which I am sound designer, composer, & musical director.

See you at the theatre...




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