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Dynamic Drama

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All My Day Jobs Reviews!

"It's the best show I've seen in years."

"Highly recommended!"

"...great performer in such a killer play."

"...a real joy to watch..."

"Sounds help to add to the atmosphere..."

"...the sound effects were amazing..."

"Some fun direction from Ian Ferguson and good use of props and sound really make this show clip along."


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All My Day Jobs

All My Day Jobs is being performed again at this year's Victoria Fringe Festival featuring my sound design...

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Hana's Suitcase

I am the composer and sound designer for...

Monday likes Hobbit

Monday Magazine's review of Kaleidoscope's production of The Hobbit...

"Alexander Brendan Ferguson’s excellent score and sound design really helped bring the whole story to life, and his turn as the Goblin General was also effectively nasty."

"...if you’re looking for a winter holiday adventure, don’t miss The Hobbit—the latest jewel in Kaleidoscope’s glittery crown of family entertainment."

The Hobbit

I am a troll, a goblin, a composer, a musical director, and a sound designer for...


Kaleidoscope Theatre present's



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Around the World in 80 Days

I composed music and sound designed...

AROUND THE WOLRD IN 80 DAYS at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond, B.C.

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