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Treasure Tales Video Promo

Click the image below to see the Treasure Tales Video Promo on Chemainus Theatre Festival's video page...



Treasure Tales! at the Chemainus Theatre Festival

I am the sound designer/composer/musical director for... Yarrrrr!!!

Treasure Tales!
at the Chemainus Theatre Festival

July 9 - August 30
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11am
Fridays at 2pm, Tuesdays in August at 2pm

Cost $10, Four Pack $30

How I Became A Pirate
* Adapted by Alyn Cardarelli, Lyrics by Alyn Cardarelli and Music by Steve Goers
The Pirate Princess adapted for stage by Mark DuMez.

Dig for gold, brave the high seas, and swash buckle through this treasure of thrilling tales. A buried collection of silly, surprising and secret stories where X marks the spot - closer than you might think!

For tickets call the box office 1-800-565-7738
For show dates and times visit

All My Day Jobs (& Solo Journeys)

I am the sound designer for All My Day Jobs... See you there!

Broad Theatrics Presents...

The Appetizer: SOLO JOURNEYS

A satire of solo shows and feminist theatre festivals. Presented as a staged reading. No tech, lots of laughs. Starring six fabulous actresses: Andree Karas, Edwina Cheer, Naomi Dayneswood, Tosha Doiron, Miranda Duffy, Jenna Hastings.

The Main Course: ALL MY DAY JOBS

A comedy about misery - and a solo show - performed by Kirsten Van Rizen.

ALL MY DAY JOBS is the story of a struggling actress and her multiple attempts to fake it in the real world. From the mundane (waitress, temp, telemarketer) to the bizarre (proctor, carny, dancing cocktail waitress??) she suffers the indignities of dozens of day jobs.
Just how long can she grin and bear it?

With direction from Ian Ferguson and sound design by Alexander Brendan Ferguson.

Friday, July 25, 2008 at 8:00pm
Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 8:00pm

Carousel Theatre Space (1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Vancouver, BC

Tickets are FREE - to actors, comedians, musicians, writers, anyone who has ever had a job they hate.
(TIPS will be gratefully accepted at the door)

Two nights only and seats are limited! PLEASE RESERVE by email, with your name/number of tix/ and which night Friday or Saturday to:

The Triumph of Love Jessie Award Wins

A wonderful show I worked on last year, The Triumph of Love (Blackbird Theatre), just won 3 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards last night in the Small Theatre Category. They are...

Outstanding Production.
Johnna Wright for Outstanding Direction.
Marie Stillin for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.

Congrats to all of the team and all the winners this year!


CBC, TC, and Monday dig Animal Farm

Good reviews of Animal Farm from the Times Colonist, CBC, and Monday Magazine...





Monday Magazine: (under "arts" section)

"There is music and clever sound and cool lighting effects, all of which draw the audience in quite effectively."
- Monica Prendergast, Ph.D - CBC Radio - Victoria, BC

"Adapted for the stage by Vancouver humourist and award-winning playwright Ian Ferguson, the new Animal Farm is clever, fast paced, and retains the same strong message as the original version. Ferguson, who also directed the play, has done a solid job of tempering that message into an accessible package, through the use of witty banter, asides and quick physical comedy."
- Steve Carey - Times Colonist - Victoria, BC

"Watching Animal Farm is a rare opportunity to see three inspiring performances in a unique adaptation of Orwell’s classic. Come for the puppets. Stay for the revolution."
- Sarah Gignac, Monday Magazine - Victoria, BC

Animal Farm

I am the sound designer/composer/musical director for...

Tickets: 250-385-6815 (Belfry Arts Centre - Victoria, B.C.)

See you at the theatre.


Beat Hive Loop Shop

I've created a shop to sell royalty-free music loops that I create for you to use in your music.

Check it out...


Loose Change Trio's Debut Album "Unstruck Note"

I played keyboards on Loose Change Trio's debut album "Unstruck Note"...

Listen to clips of the new album & buy a copy for yourself here:

Keep listening to the music...


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all...

Into the Woods

In 2008, I will sound design...

See you then...




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